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Joseph Colduvell

Program Manager, Agile Sourcing Partners, Inc.

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Member since: 2021

Joseph is an experienced program manager, law school graduate from the #6 law school in the U.S., and a chemical engineer with over a decade of professional experience. Joseph's professional experience is supported by a record of success in each endeavor and includes ten years in the Oil, Gas, and Chemical industries, two years in Corporate and Intellectual Property Law, and one year in the Technology industry. Joseph's engineering experience encompasses a multitude of diverse projects for numerous companies on Forbes' Global 100 list. Past responsibilities as a design chemical engineer included design and calculation of greenfield refineries, refinery process equipment, liquefied gas transportation pipelines and chemical plant modifications. Engineering calculations previously performed included sizing of various process equipment such as distillation columns, heat exchangers, vessels, wastewater treatment technology, hydraulic pumps and pipelines. Joseph's managerial and project management experience includes managing diverse personnel across numerous continents for the successful completion of high-profile international and domestic large capital projects, reporting directly to Chief Officers, and proven success in various sized companies ranging from a technology start-up to one of the largest Oil companies in the world. Based on the situation, Joseph applies various management methods to compliment his experience. Such methods include PMI, Agile, Scrum, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Additionally, Joseph is certified in Lean Manufacturing and is a Six Sigma Green Belt. Joseph has accumulated over a decade of diverse professional experience but continues to strive for personal, professional and intellectual growth.