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John Sarter is a sustainable designer/developer, innovator in systems integration, and entrepreneur in the newly converging fields of real estate, renewble energy, and transportation. The ultimate goal of his work is Carbon Neutrality and GHG elimination within those 3 sectors. He has owned and operated his Design/Build and Development firms, Sarter Construction & Design, Off The Grid Design LLC, and Sol Lux Alpha LLC in California since 1986. With Off the Grid Design, John is leading the industry in the integration and development of Carbon Neutral Living + Transportation systems. A recognized leader in Renewable Energy+Storage space since 2008, John founded the Microgrid Development Group for the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014 to unite a consortium of IT, Energy, Engineering, Architects, and other professionals committed to creating a resilient and sustainable, 100% renewable energy future. As a thought leader and “maker” within the built environment, John actively conceives, designs, develops, and proves out concepts with his innovative projects, such as the USA’s first multifamily, Passive House “Nanogrid“ project known as Sol Lux Alpha. This US DOE Housing Innovation Award Winning project is raising the bar in sustainable design, energy, and integrted EV systems mobility. Utilizing globally recognized Passive House certification as the “high bar” for energy reduction, and integrating a carefully designed synergy of operating systems. PHIUS also awarded the project Best Overall Project for 2018 at the 13th Annual N.A.P.H. conference in Boston. With Project Partners Tesla, Blue Planet Energy, and Sunpreme, among others, John and his team designed and developed five 100% site based renewable energy ZNE+ „nanogrids“ in a single 6 story structure, making the building system highly resilient and able to island for extended and potentially indefinite periods if needed. Excess generation is designed to be used in EV charging systems which also include “future proof” V2B capability. The project’s goal is to become a model for positive ROI solutions that define a new direction in sustainable real estate and Community developments in the SF Bay Area and beyond. John is bringing his expertise and teaming with new firms and organizations to expand the development model to highly resilient renewable energy microgrid communities. John is also consulting as the Program Manager for the Clean Coalition in the North Bay Community Resilience Initiative.