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During my Corporate career I provided manufacturing with power generation facilities’ technical-operations services and held different technical and administrative management positions.  In order to continuously improve and expand different facilities’ reliable-profitable operations I routinely analyzed, developed and installed many innovative and state-of-art technologies at Refining and Petrochemical plants primarily in the U.S. and some in European.  My experience also included working processing facilities’ many forms of energy production-consumption and operations with (contracted) variable power sectors’ supplies and operating infrastructures. 

I engineered and managed Refineries and Petrochemical Plants that operated with both variable (centralized) Utility power systems’ supplies and individual plant’s (distributed) Co-generation Power Plants.  All Refining/Petrochem Plant’s power supplies-demands were properly balanced 24-7 year-round by continuously-reliably adjusting Co-generation power supplies and processing units’ consumption with variable power supplies; as required by Centralized Power suppliers.  This required routinely monitoring and upgrading manufacturing-processing units’ power consumption and distributed-internal Co-generation plant’s supplies.

After retiring from Corporate-Technical Management (ConocoPhillips), I began studying, analyzing and consulting in the areas of renewable and nuclear energy, in addition to continuously updating my knowledge of fossil fuels energy’s technologies and markets.  Today, I provide Consulting services in a broad range of energy systems and markets.  I also volunteer for the SBA SCORE and like to focus on mentoring new business entrepreneurs in analyzing, planning and developing green energy and new environmentally clean technologies.