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Dr. Sutherland is a retired Health Physicist who worked with radiation for almost 20 years in the non-nuclear industry, and then spent 20 years in various aspects of radiation protection at a CANDU nuclear power plant, while managing the environmental radiation monitoring program and providing a dosimetry monitoring program for about 600 employees.

He now has his own consulting company. He writes about energy in general, radiation, radiation protection, and nuclear power, and provides courses to nuclear workers, university students, high school teachers, members of industry, and emergency responders. He develops training materials for the CANDU reactor and teaches a university course 'Nuclear Safety and Reliability' to graduate and undergraduate engineers. He has also written extensively on Nuclear Wastes and associated issues.

He is especially interested in the history and development of the world-wide nuclear industry; the medical uses of radiation; and in the many health studies related to the uses of radiation over the last 100 years.

Dr. Sutherland is a skeptical scientist. He has written about climate issues for the last 30 years. He studied climatology as one of his university courses more than 40 years ago. Papers on this and other issues by Dr. Sutherland, can be found at: Click Here