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I’m an In-house lawyer/engineer with Environmental/Sustainability/Governance compliance expertise, including human resources/health & safety experience and change management skills. I help companies comply with the law and behave ethically while implementing business oriented strategies and solutions. I began my career as an environmental engineer, with a focus on sustainability, and I arranged an educational leave to study law. I’ve been the first in-house counsel for three different small technically-oriented businesses where the full benefit of my blend of skills and experience can be brought to bear. I love working with inventors and founders, new product development/engineering teams focused on more sustainable technologies, as well as product safety and product compliance teams that want to do the right thing on the critical path of making the world a better place. 

Sustainability * Metrics * Standards * Research
Regulatory Compliance * CCPA * GDPR * Privacy * Data protection * Antitrust 
Employment Law * EEO * FMLA * ADA * ADEA * FLSA * OSHA * WARN * IRCA 
Contract Law * UCC * Commercial Agreements 
Environmental Law * CAA * CWA * CERCLA * RCRA * SDWA * TSCA
Litigation Management * Outside Counsel Management 
Human Resources Management * EHS Management * IT MSP Management * NERC/FERC
Manufacturing * Product Counsel 
Energy * Construction * Management Consulting Industries