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Member since: 2009

Development and Management of Projects and Products targeting the Distribution and Measurement of electrical energy. Defining characteristics and technical functions of Smart Meters and applications in the area of Smart Grid and derivatives.

Development projects involving RF and Power Line Communication Technology and its applications in Broadband and Narrowband.

Development technology in partnership with Brazilian Utilities since 1993, with operations in Design/Manufacture and Testing Laboratory/Field.

I have already worked several years with the - Smart Grid - in several countries including Brazil, China, Russia and Kazakhstan, with the aim of adding intelligence distribution networks of electric energy.


  • I have over 15 years experience working with Smart Grid - RF and Power Line Communication Technology - X10/Intellon/DS2 - Brazil/China/Russia/Kazakhstan with projects already implemented in several Energy Utilities.
  • Technical Manager of a project involving Smart Grid developed by a partnership between the Sistron and Cemig, which had as objective AMR/AMI and DSM
  • Developing a project of AMR/AMI and DSM for the Republic of Kazakhstan, involving the local Energy Utility and Sistron.
  • eveloping a project of PLC/BPL - a partnership involving the FITEC (Foundation for Technological Innovation) and Semp Toshiba, this project was directed to the line of the Semp Toshiba Lap Tops.
  • Technical Consulting - Smart Grid - in the development of an SMART METER with Shunt Resistor - Relay Gruner entered into the meter.
  • Testing and Approval of Project Smart Grid - AMR / AMI / DSM / HAN in Russia.