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Jim Stack

technician Solar PV, EVSE Car charging, EV worker, Phoenix EAA

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Member since: 2010

Worked for over 40 years in the Telephone industry from land line to wireless and on to Satellite phones and systems. 

I also volunteer and work in Solar PV and energy efficiency. I have taught classes on Solar at 2 local colleges and taught classes in NABCEP for Solar. My bucket list is to work for a solar company which I have done, a car charging coming like I am doing now 2017 and at some point work at Tesla on the new advanced electric vehicles. 

I installed the 1st GRID Tied Solar system at my home ,a 1st for my Utility before there were incentives or even Net-Metering. 

I plan to combine Solar PV and Vehicles by using V2G Vehicle To GRID where my vehicles become my back up power. I have a website I made about V2G at www.V2G-101.webs.com