Member since: 2017

I am the head of Environmental Defense Fund's (EDF) national Energy Program and the Regional Director of our Texas Office. EDF is a leading environmental nonprofit organization that focuses on strong science, uncommon partnerships and market-based approaches. I led the fight to stop TXU from building a dozen coal plants in Texas and have designed and advocated for some of the most innovative state legislation in the country – including the Texas Renewable Portfolio Standard that led to almost 10,000 MW’s of new wind energy in Texas. I am also one of the leaders of Pecan Street, Inc., a first-of-its kind collaboration aimed at making fundamental changes in the nation's electricity grid. Finally, I am the president of the Texas League of Conservation Voters, president of the board of directors of the Texas Observer and chairman of the Central Texas Clean Air Force with a B.A. from Texas Christian University and J.D. from New York University.