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Jerry Jackson has provided energy market analysis, software and utility customer databases and analysis to more than two-hundred energy technology companies, energy service providers, utilities, government agencies and other organizations.

Jackson Associates' new free online App, the Sustainability Assessment Tool, provides the first easy-to-use energy sustainability assessment for individual households and businesses across the US. The Tool compares individual sustainability scores/energy costs to peer households/businesses within each ZIP code. The Tool also provides estimates of energy cost and emissions reductions that can be achieved with various energy efficiency targets.

The tool is designed to provide results in 1 minute – using only readily available information on estimated energy bills and a dozen or so household/business details. Access the tool at

The app can be installed on Interested organizations' Web sites at no charge to provide visitor value and at the same time promote each organization's messaging, marketing or other information.

The app analysis draws on industry-leading MAISY Utility Customer Energy Use and Hourly Load Databases that include data on 7+ million US utility customers.

MAISY Databases are the largest and most authoritative source of residential and commercial utility customer energy and hourly loads data. Databases include detailed building, equipment, occupant, operation and energy use and hourly load data for each customer record. MAISY Databases are used by energy service providers, utilities, government agencies, equipment manufacturers and new technology companies.

Jackson Associates CEDMS and REDMS agent-based energy forecasting models have been applied by more than two dozen utilities and regulatory agencies.

Dr. Jackson also leads the Smart Grid Research Consortium, a nationwide consortium of electric cooperatives, municipal and other utilities devoted to evaluating smart grid investments.

Previous positions include Signature Professor at Texas A&M University, Chief of the Applied Research Division at Georgia Tech Research Institute, Economist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Florida.

Energy services marketing and sales support
Utility customer energy use and hourly load databases and analysis
Energy technology market analysis and product development support
Energy efficiency & smart grid investment analysis
Utility energy forecasting