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As Chairman of MECi Group and Founder of The Thorium Network, my attention is on rapid business growth, profit generation, restructuring, operational efficiency, and of course business development and sales. With the rapid adoption of Distributed Ledger technology (Blockchain), now is the great opportunity to use the technology since the birth of the internet to penetrate many areas that can benefit from it. Logistics, financial systems, security and energy to name but a few. Above all, the use of Blockchain can be used to change the world positively.

For that reason, my focus is the energy blockchain project, The Thorium Network. (You'll find more about it in the links below)

I've built companies, and steered projects and companies that measure in billions of Euros.

Reaching for audacious goals, whilst controlling execution risk, having an excellent team, with effective communication is the path to success.

There are great opportunities in energy and blockchain in general, across the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, CIS, China, Africa and Asia Minor and Major.

Watch what happens during the next 10 years in these regions. It will be a big period of growth.

Here's a snapshot of MECi Group's highlights:

A client was spending 5b to 10b USD per year (with a capital program of 75b USD). We guided the setup of their capital management plan and put through the first approval for a 150m USD 123 km long crude oil pipeline.

A private family enterprise with USD200m net assets expanded and became USD1B in 3 years with our guidance.

A client's project portfolio grew from nothing (and being broke in within 6 months) to over 230m USD in under 2 years.

I've published articles are in The Oil and Gas Year magazine and Al Jarida, a famous media outlet of the Middle East. Here's one: "The End of Oil? Oil Pricing for the Future the Rise and Rise of Solar Energy" (See the links below)

Read more about my personal views regarding global issues, business, finance, technology, and of course, energy, on my blog. (See the links below)

Reach out to me at telegram: or email: to talk about how we can work together.

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