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Jereme has the complete set of skills necessary to develop, design, and build a wind project from a blank piece of paper.

Prior to founding One Energy, Jereme ran construction of several of the world’s largest wind projects for utility-scale construction firms including RMT, M.A. Mortensen, and D.H. Blattner, and has overseen more than half a billion dollars in wind turbine construction projects. Jereme developed several safety, quality, and production methods that are considered standard within the utility-scale wind industry. He also pioneered the concept of just-in-time construction for utility-scale wind turbine projects.

During his tenure in big wind, Jereme grew frustrated with the inefficiencies plaguing the industry. Believing there had to be a better approach to wind projects, Jereme founded One Energy. This same innovative spirit drove the creation of the Wind for Industry® concept. In 2016, Jereme led a groundbreaking round of fundraising that raised $80 million of institutional financing to continue growing One Energy’s fleet of projects.

Jereme studied Civil Engineering at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. He dropped out with one class left to run what was, at the time, the largest wind project in the world. He is a Certified Tower Rescue Instructor and Instructor Trainer, a Certified Crane Operator, a Certified Crane and Rigging Inspector, and an EMT. He is the author or co-author of three United States patents.

Jereme founded One Energy in 2009.