Member since: 2020

Optimizing business processes in the electric utilities calls for IT. Following the monolithic way prevents making optimal use of best of breed solutions in a rapidly developing market. Rather, utilities should implement a loosely coupled setup of software solutions each targeted for specific functionality. 
But this in turn, leaves the utilities with the challenge of having these building blocks co-exist in ways that optimizes business processes as a whole. Which building block handles which challenge? How should data flow in between these building blocks? 
Software vendors will sing praises to their particular product and will typically know very little of about other software products – nor of business process support outside the reign of their own product.
Through more than 25 years of working with establishing solutions optimizing business processes throughout the utility organization using the range of software products, I offer business process consultancy that crosses the borders of the single building blocks.

Experience: Business process clarification and support throughout SCADA, AMR, MDM, asset management, billing solutions, CRM systems and GIS with relevant integrations. Data modelling and ArcGIS Utility Network.