Member since: 2003

Jeffrey H. Michel is the author of the study "Status and Impacts of the German Lignite Industry" published by the Swedish NGO Secretariat on Acid Rain. A US citizen and MIT graduate, he has resided in Germany since 1970.

During the 1980's, Jeffrey advised environmental groups in both parts of the divided Germany and in Czechoslovakia. His analysis of the eastern German power industry in early 1990 was published just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Subsequent investigations have examined the opportunities and difficulties of meshing lignite energy policy with the requirements of climate protection. He worked as energy director of the European Energy and Environmental Park in Leipzig between 1992 – 1995, where he realized the first CO2 model community in the new German states. In 2005, he was named one of six climate heroes worldwide by the environmental conservation organization WWF.

Since 1996, Jeffrey has served as energy coordinator of Heuersdorf (, a village presently being devastated by the US-owned MIBRAG lignite mining corporation. In investigating alternatives to fossil fuel dependency, he initiated the development of interactive resource management systems using regional telecommunications infrastructures. In recognition of this work, Jeffrey was elected in 2006 to the board of directors of the USCL Corporation in Carmichael, California. He is also a member of the Zittauer Seminar ( that conducts energy research throughout Eastern Europe.