Member since: 2006

Jason is an Associate Vice President and directs Black & Veatch’s New Energy Solutions portfolio, which includes hydrogen, ammonia for energy, sustainable fuels (e.g., biofuels, e-fuels, renewable fuels, RNG, synthetic fuels), green/blue chemicals, carbon capture utilization and sequestration, direct air capture, plastic conversion, gas transport & delivery, ag/industrial anaerobic digestion (RNG), and advanced power cycles (bio & waste energy, geothermal, supercritical CO2).

Jason is responsible implementing industry leading solutions through technology innovation and aligning Black & Veatch’s portfolio across the full breadth of our project execution capabilities, from early feasibility studies and engineering through turnkey EPC and long-term O&M scopes.

In previous roles Jason has managed major projects and held global responsibility for Black & Veatch’s conventional generation portfolio of gas power, nuclear power, cogeneration, and plant modernization. Jason has extensive experience in decarbonization technologies; risk identification and mitigation of first-of-a-kind technology integration; performance guarantees and contract development; and long-term services agreements (LTSA).