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I maintain that the world moved from the purely Hydrocarbon Era to the Solar Hydrocarbon Era in 2020. This HE-2-SHE NRG Transition is affecting global culture. While it has been "A Man's World" for the past several thousand years, it is becoming "A Woman's World."

Although I have known drought, I have been a successful rainmaker. In summer of 2015, I was hired by Vector Structural Engineers to take their solar practice national. Although the firm was founded in 2002, I was their first "sales person." Since I was hired, Vector has reviewed over 125,000 residential and commercial solar projects and as a result, has become an institution in the U.S. solar industry. It's been great fun ... a perfect storm.

My career experience includes IoT business development for In2 Networks. In2's clients included Bowers & Wilkins, Honeywell and Lutron.

During the Go-Go 90's, I took my electronic publishing company public. We were using technology licensed from Brigham Young University to build a 'hits-in-context, multi-lingual' search engine. We achieved nearly a half-billion dollar market cap before tumbling back to earth.

I was asked to join the founding team of International Solar & Energy Conservation (Denver) in 1980 because of my advocacy for the development of self-reliant housing in the 1970s.