Member since: 2009

1. Royal Signals Of The Malaysian
Armed Forces. (1969~1982).
Became Signals Technical
Working Environments:-
a. Assistant Head Of Signals
Technical Maintenance Dept.
b. Leading Technical Inspection
Team To Battalions.
c. Establish Radio Rebroadcast
d. Design Of Antennas For Radio

2. STMicroelectronics. (1982~2004).
Became STMicroelectronics GLOBAL Technical Expert Team.

Working Environments:-
a. Central Technical Maintenance.
b. Quality Assurance Calibration
c. Failure Analysis Laboratory.
d. Quality Assurance Reliability

3. Awards And Recognitions
a. "Best Suggestion", Executive
Total Quality Council, in STM
Global Challenge.
1999 (Crolles, France).
2000 (Rousset, France).

b. Excellence Worldwide Back-
End Manufacturing. For Two
Consecutive Years. 1999
(Morocco). 2000 (Singapore).

c. "Best Suggestion", Worldwide
Back-End, STMicroelectronics.
For Four Consecutive Years.
1997 (Morocco).
1998 (Malaysia). 1999
(Morocco). 2000 (Singapore).

d. Malaysian "TOKOH PEKERJA"
For The Year 2000. Malaysia.

4. Current Activity:-

Selling Of Ideas On Renewable Energy Generations.

a. The New Generation Hydro.
Targeted for Static Installation. For Grid Connection.

b. Air Power: Compressed Air Turbine.
Target for Mobile Installations. Land, Water and Air.

c. Electronic Water Level Control.

d. Advanced Hydro. (Latest).
Could easily outperform wind and solar. For Off Grid.

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