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Jack Ellis is a principal with Resero Consulting, where he advises clients on a variety of contemporary regulatory and business issues, including the operational impacts of renewable resources, wholesale electricity market design and policy, and demand response policy and implementation. Mr. Ellis's power industry career as a consultant and entrepreneur spans nearly four decades. Prior to joining Resero Consulting in 2007, Mr. Ellis spent four years with EnergyConnect, an energy management services firm. In 1997, he and Dr. Edward G. Cazalet founded Automated Power Exchange, Inc. (APX) to capitalize on the opportunity for providing a variety of market-related services in the newly competitive wholesale electricity market. Before founding APX, he was employed by Energy Management Associates, Inc. and later worked as an independent consultant. As an industry consultant, he conducted numerous studies for clients across the US in the areas of coordinated power system operations, new technology assessment, resource planning and demand management. He also conducted assessments of the production-related economic benefits for several high profile utility mergers.

Mr. Ellis has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.