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My wife and I recently moved to Denver, CO for my current position as the Assistant Director of Recruitment for the GEM (Global Energy Management Program) at CU-Denver. My current job with the GEM Program is my first exposure to the energy field and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the nuances, trends and importance of the energy industry. The GEM Master's Program is an 18 month graduate degree tailored towards working professionals in the energy industry; and the strong majority of our students are currently working in the renewable, oil & gas, utility, power or other energy fields. I graduated with my Bachelors degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned my Masters in Management & Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University. As part of my role with the GEM Program, I attend weekly industry events, national conferences and immerse myself in the energy field. I look forward to learning more about the energy industry to better serve the students that I work with and connecting with other energy professionals!