Member since: 2018

Hi, my name is Gavin Mooney. Thanks for stopping by. I help utilities transform the way they run and embrace the energy transition with powercloud.
Feel free to reach out, I am always up for connecting and collaborating! (

I am passionate about:
> Climate change and the urgent need to decarbonise global energy systems
> The democratisation of energy and the way this is disrupting traditional utilities business models
> The use of technology to make utilities more efficient and more agile, so they can better serve their customers and the communities in which they operate.

This is what I do:
> I work with utilities to transform their operations so they can adapt, innovate and keep ahead of the competition in this changing and volatile market environment.
> I write articles and speak at industry events on energy topics and have been interviewed by Beyond Zero Emissions radio twice, speaking about Artificial Intelligence and Hydrogen.
> I worked with SAP for Utilities for nearly 20 years across the globe, including consulting on billing and CRM projects, presales and business development.

This is how I operate:
> I value lifelong learning, an open mind and the avoidance of bias.
> I enjoy discussion and welcome differences of opinion as an opportunity to learn.
> I like connecting with people and building lasting relationships.
> I like explaining complex things in simple terms.
> I coach people and teach them how to fish instead of buying them lunch.
> I like to challenge the status quo and encourage people to see things differently.
> I am highly motivated, love a challenge and don’t like giving up.