Member since: 2022

Frank Lehnerz received a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.A. in Spanish from the
University of Wyoming in 2012. Mr. Lehnerz joined EDM International, Inc. in 2013
where initial work included involvement in a large joint-use project focusing on the
design and engineering of overhead fiber optic communications cable. Following
that project, he was involved in other various small and large-scale pole loading
and design projects in both Colorado and California. In 2015, he relocated to the
San Diego, California office of EDM where his work is primarily focused on various
projects in the Southern California region.
Mr. Lehnerz brings experience in land surveying, GPS data collection, AutoCAD, and
GIS in addition to his educational background in engineering. At his current position
with EDM, he acquired proficiency in PLS-Pole, PLS-CADD, Sag-10, and O-Calc to
carry out the overhead structural analysis required engineering projects and
ensured compliance with either the NESC or GO95 codes. His experience includes
both new line construction, retrofitting of existing systems, joint-use projects, and
extracting data from PLS-CADD and PLS-Pole to a user-friendly reporting format
accessible to clients and colleagues.
Prior to joining EDM, Mr. Lehnerz worked summer internships for the US Forest
Service and for a private civil engineering consulting firm in Casper, WY.
Mr. Lehnerz is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and was a
member of the University of Wyoming student chapter of Engineers without