Member since: 2019

Knowledge platform for a clean energy future

We focus on the crucial role of clean energy to ensure a sustainable future for all.

By envisioning a sustainable future – resilient and equal – boosted by quality education and an enlightened self-interest by the business community. The future we want is powered by affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern electricity smartly distributed to all.

We focus on research and education.
By developing partnerships with pre-eminent experts and institution across the globe, leveraging on the vast knowledge of our Founders, we conduct research to explore the implications of global challenges in the energy domain. We develop scenario analysis, define policy and regulation opportunities and design capacity-building programs to the benefit of scientific and institutional realms.

We operate at the intersection of business and society.
By engaging institutions and governmental bodies, thought leaders and civil society representatives, industry experts and academia. We are a non-profit organization seeking to converge with likeminded actors determined to solve global challenges ensuring a sustainable future for all.