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CISSP Published several articles on a variety of topics: Critical Infrastructure Protection, Ransomware Threat Mitigation, Cyber Security for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and DOE NIST Post Quantum Cryptography working group (PQC) Distinction 14 years Critical Infrastructure Protection NERC Compliance Electric Industry 6 years GAS/OIL transmission SCADA. PhD Research Cyber Security topics include Advanced Cyber Offensive Techniques, Red and Purple team Cyber Strategies, Threat Intelligence and Analysis, Advanced Cyber Digital Forensics, Operating Systems, Applied Cryptography and Encryption, Applied Ethical Hacking and Penetration Tools, Offensive Penetration and Hacking Tools, Advanced Security Techniques and Countermeasures, Network Administration, Web Application Security, Server Administration, Databases Security, Vulnerability and Risk Management , CIP Compliance, Asset Management and Protection Maturity Models, Cloud Security, Block Chaining Encryption Standard, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Applied Quantum Cryptography Standardization within the Cyber Security Industry.