Member since: 2010

Donn Dears began his career at General Electric testing large steam turbines and generators used by utilities to generate electricity; followed next, by manufacturing and marketing assignments at the Transformer Division. He led an organization of a few thousand people servicing these and other GE products in the United States. He then established facilities around the world to service power generation, transmission equipment and other electric apparatus. Later, he led an engineering department of several hundred people that provided engineering support to nearly a hundred service installations around the world.

At nearly every step, Donn was involved with the work done at customer locations: at steel mills, electric utilities, refineries, oil drilling and production facilities and open pit and underground mining operations. At every opportunity, he learned of the needs of these industries.

Donn has had a close-up view of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia with its oil producing and shipping facilities. He has investigated many of the other oil producing countries in the Mideast and Northern Europe, as well as examining iron-ore mining locations and major shipping centers in Europe and Asia. All told, Donn has visited over 50 countries and has knowledge of their need for the technologies that can improve their well being and their use of equipment manufactured in the United States.

Following his retirement as a senior GE Company executive, he continued to study and write about energy issues. 

Donn is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and served on active duty in the U.S. Navy.