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Dhiman Chatterjee has over twenty years of expertise in the RTO operations and electricity markets. He is currently a member of the Leadership team for implementation of the MISO's Market System Enhancement program. Prior to this role, he oversaw a group at MISO responsible for analysis and design of the Energy, Ancillary Service and Financial Rights markets with the goal of achieving delivery of reliable and economically efficient outcomes. He has extensive experience in power systems, energy policy and regulations, and market strategy. He has led the development of several major market innovations that positioned MISO markets as the industry role model for efficient price formation, market based incentives for flexible resources and effective seams coordination. On the strategic front, one of his key achievements was to help establish MISO’s Market Vision and Roadmap program through a collaborative stakeholder process. He is a noted thought leader and active public speaker engaging in key industry forums such as FERC Technical Conferences, Platts Nodal Trader Conference and MIT Energy Initiative.