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GreneLily Energy & Water LLC. (GLEW) is a woman owned & operated business development energy company. 
We are ESG compliant and are based out of the heartland of the Midwest & East Coast. 

We are devoted to promoting our Technology Partners GREEN Energy projects throughout the Western Hemisphere. Our team of experts research ‘advanced’ clean and green IP Technology Companies who produce electricity, RNG & Green fuels while protecting our environment.

As Subject Matter experts, we take NATUAL RESOURCES (natural gas, coal, coal ash, oil) and municipal solid waste and transform them into RENEWABLE, SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES for electricity, drop-in-market ready green fuels (diesel, jet fuel and SAF) and renewable gas (RNG).                     ♻️ Capture (not sequester) CO2 emission to make more drop-in-market diesel.                                                                                                

All Green Sustainable, Renewable Energy Plants are all Zero Emission using IP Technology.  
♻️ Gas-to-Liquid (Diesel & Jet Fuel & SAF) – (GTL-D) maximizing abundant natural gas resources, reforming natural or synthetic gas into liquid fuels, electricity & other marketable by-products. 
♻️ Waste-to-Renewable Energy to Diesel –(WTE-D) using household & construction trash in ‘CLOSED LOOP’ system.
Produces: Renewable Gas, Electricity, Green Drop-in-Market Fuels.  ♻️ We will keep the trash from going to the LANDFILLS.    Net Zero Emissions in a single process.  
♻️ Coal-to-Liquid–Diesel–(CTL-D) we can make coal clean again, Coal-to-Liquid technology.
Our Technology Partners will successfully refine low-grade Coal & Coal Wastes into various forms of energy at industrial levels.  

If you would like to learn more about how we take Natural Resources and transform them into RENEWABLE ENERGY and GREEN market-ready fuels, contact me.  

Let’s power our plant with sustainable clean, green energy and fuels, using our NATURAL RESOURCES transforming them into RENEWABLE RESOURCES