Member since: 2019

Consultant / employee for:
Accenture, ADTranz, Bombardier, Cisco, Chr. Hansens Laboratories, Control Systems, ECSoft, Ericsson, Genaco Verigen, ION Kenya, ICEA LION Group, IT Akademiet, IT Konsulenterne, I. Krüger, Motorola, Nokia, P.O. Data, SCR Group

Achieved experience:
Solutions/Architecture/Design/Software within: Mobile Technology; GSM, Tetra, Encryption, Hardware/Software, Waste Water, Java, C, C++, UML, UP, Digital Electronics, SA, SD, ISO 900X, OSI, Networks, About Learning, 4Mat, Project Management, Management, Stirling Engine, Renewable Energy, Business-Software, Software Training, Insurance, Healthcare

I will specify results under each task/work I have undertaken.

Professional / Personal Goals:
I believe in creating solutions for mankind, society, in all possible ways.
Charity must take place - solely - via Profitable, sustainable: Business, CSR Work and work with integrity.

Special skills:
Creating/Implementing Simple Solutions to Complex Problems
Turnaround/Change Management
Structured Innovation via STARK, MVP, Kawasaki, Keeley
Strategic Mgmt / Technical Project Mgmt, Implementing Business/Technical/Software/IOT projects
Enterprise Solution Architecture / Design
Managerial/Leadership/Tech. methodology

I am polite, kind, friendly - and firm. Politeness must be genuine and explanations/apologies are not a replacement for delivery. I walk my talk and give and demand integrity. Management by walking. Agile works well, while necessary documentation must be in place.

2008 - 2014 Muniu Kariuki, MD, Bit Yarn Ltd., Colleague, Scarab Solutions Ltd., email:
2007 - 2011 Jignesh Mehta, MFI Group (Kenya) Director, Printing Division, email:,
1992 - present Thomas Høyer, M.A. Design, Currently Rational Intuitive IVS (Denmark)
Director, Rational Intuitive IVS (Denmark), email: -