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David Saint-Germain is Chief Technology Officer at Hilo, a Hydro-Québec subsidiary developing smart grid technologies and energy management IoT ecosystems for the residential, commercial and institutional spaces. Previously, David was CTO of PBSC Urban Solutions, a privately held company providing the SaaS platform, mobile apps, electro-mechanical solar and grid connected IoT bike sharing stations, bikes and e-bikes to 35 cities internationally. David bootstrapped and scaled the engineering and operations team that grew the platform to support over 100M rides per year and win multiple awards. He holds patents to the eBike charging platform and interconnects, certified on 4 continents. David holds the fundamental tenet that innovation is forged through the convergence of multiple knowledge silos. Building a sustainable future requires crafting solutions spanning bioengineering, energy distribution and storage, IoT, urban mobility, deep learning and a slew of other disciplines from material science to user experience. Throughout his career, David strives for holistic system views where the best ideas prevail, not the consensus. The challenges are fun and the payout is as rewarding as it gets; ensuring that our children live in a future where we achieve equilibrium with nature. David sits on the Board of Directors of ACCS, a leader in building automation in Quebec. He is a voting member of the IEC/TC 69 – Electric road vehicles and electric industrial trucks committee. David also mentors multiple startups and upcoming technology leaders in the Montreal area.