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Member since: 2021

I am an experienced, Chartered electrical engineer with a breadth of experience across the power system. This experience includes conducting technical studies, project bid preparation, project manager (APM PMQ) and technical supervision of consultancy and design projects.

I currently lead a team of experienced engineering consultants focused on supporting electricity networks to become fit for the future through:
- Development of strategies to better integrate distributed energy resources
- Making the transition to Distribution System Operator
- Helping networks progress towards a enabling a Net Zero future

Working with a range of network operators, industrial users and planning authorities globally to meet the challenges facing decarbonisation and reaching NetZero. Achieving this through the development of innovation projects, supporting regulatory decision making and improving business as usual processes.

As an experienced power systems consultant, I provide complex technical support to clients developing power systems worldwide. I have significant experience of undertaking steady state, power quality and transient power system studies covering 11 kV to 400 kV systems.

I have a keen interest in data analytics and study automation and recognise a significant need in this area to accommodate the energy transition to reduce our carbon impact. This has led to the development of a number of highly efficient and reliable software tools in the areas of constraint analysis, power quality assessments and classical power system analysis. This experience has been developed across a number of power system modelling software packages including; DIgSILENT PowerFactory, PSSE, IPSA+, PSCAD, EMTP-ATP and the development of automation tools using Python, VBA and Matlab.