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I grew up in the Midwest the son of a residential electrician.  I joined the US Navy in 74 as an ICE technician rising through the ranks to Electrical Officer and Engineering Propulsion Assistant and finishing up as the division officer of the mechanical repair division at the Navy's largest east coast intermediate maintenance activity.  After the Navy I worked in the utility industry as a generator operator and finally an O&M manager of a 5 unit simple cycle plant.  I spent a few months working in the landfill gas generation field before finally joining Siemens Energy as an Operations and Maintenance trainer providing plant specific training to new customers and customized follow up training with existing customers.  My degree and experience is in Business Operations Management so any input I may have comes from that angle.  I'm interested in current events relating to generation, be it either renewable or fossil.  My addiction er...hobby is driving and showing my Mustangs.