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Member since: 1998

Mr. Darnell is an entrepreneur, consulting and software business owner (Systrends), and innovative technical leader with more than 20 years of electricity market and utility systems and software experience. He has proven leadership capabilities with a strong ability to balance stakeholder needs and coordinate the efforts of multiple companies, projects and departments. He has demonstrated board and governance level communication and collaboration skills with the successful completion of multiple software development projects and implementations.

Mr. Darnell balances technical and business issues by using strong technical skills, business knowledge, market knowledge, electric utility market systems knowledge and an understanding of computer systems and infrastructure. He is responsible for developing strategic objectives and designing program and tactical project objectives and system software designs to meet regulatory, security and market requirements and communicate results to stakeholders.

Mr. Darnell is skilled in FERC electronic standards, NERC Cyber Security Compliance programs, and managing multiple implementations of system controls to support compliance.
Throughout his career, Mr. Darnell has been responsible for leadership of software development, software quality assurance, software maintenance, data operations, cloud services, data transport security, and enterprise information security. He has completed numerous professional development courses in information technology and cyber-security.