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Member since: 2015

Over 20-yrs of experience in the Distributed Energy Resources (DER) business as a project engineer, project manager, O&M manager and developer/owner of DER systems, including a role that continues today as a Senior Consultant to the US Dept. of Energy's Combined Heat&Power Technical Assistance Partnership. Power generation experience includes systems fueled by natural gas, diesel, nuclear, landfill gas to energy, hydro, solar PV and various types of battery energy storage. Founding member of a development company that installed 18 natural gas and methane fired CHP plants across the US.

As a practitioner in the disparate DER arena, the vast majority of projects supported by Mr. Thornley are either still in operation today, or if shut down then due to external factors; e.g., DER buy-out by local utility with negotiated rates, facility ownership and/or business use changes, etc.  Mr. Thornley was awarded a patent for development of microgrids; see US patent #92,026,260 - Secure Microgrid®