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While working the computer business he chanced upon a device that has it's roots in a 1916 US patent for increasing the efficiency of those old engines. He suddenly had the idea that he could do better and started doing so. This led to his current project - the "Carbon Cutter". He began in 1995 by making continuous modifications to an existing device. Fifteen years and 750 test installations later he had a device that helped a 10-year old, 90,000 mile Mercury sedan with a 99% stock (K&N airfilter) 4.6 liter V8 gasoline engine attain zero smog results on a California accredited smog test, decreased the 0-60mph time on a 4-year old 100% stock 5 liter Ford Mustang from 8 seconds to 6 and it reduced smoke emissions on a set of test diesel trucks in Pasay, Philippines by an average of 58% as measured by the LTO (local vehicle registration agency.) At that point he decided to stay in the Philippines to finish his R&D until he applied for and received his patent in 2019. Then with the help of his angel investor started Engine EcoPhils, Inc. to distribute the Carbon Cutter device worldwide.