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o We are: • A State of Utah Benefit LLC following the Triple Bottom Line (PPP). • Known as a state of the art company. • More than a solar installation company that just putting panels on the roof. • Certified members of several green organizations. • A full service energy solutions company • Business and management consultants • Solar/Energy/Lighting/ESS/EV Chargers suppliers and installers • Project Managers and Collaborators • ESS (Battery Experts and Installers) • Interested in long term partnerships and alliances. • A flexible, solution oriented company that thinks “out of the box” and has a mission statemen and values that complements the State of Utah Benefit LLC that we are. • An on-call energy partner to work with now and in the future just like you are external legal, accounting, HR benefits partners. • A partner that you know and trust, who also knows your company and will be there to provide you with solid advice, consulting and services. o We provide: • Solar Power Systems • EV Charging Stations Level I, II and III • EV V2G Bi-Directional certified installers. • Numerous methods of funding through many providers. • ASHRAE Level I or II energy audits. • Battery Backup, Switches and Controllers for Disaster Recovery • Software Providers for energy usage reduction • Meters to gather energy usage data for demand cost reduction. • LED Lighting • HVAC Audit and Services • Education and Training • Building Management Systems • Monitors • 7 years of Commercial Experience • Financing/Funding • Tax Credit filing and other paperwork help • Grants (If Available) • Incentives • Training • Ongoing after the install follow up o We will help: • Increase your bottom line. • Reduce your utility expenses • Pay your taxes to yourself instead of the government. • Increase customer traffic and increasing sales. • Positively effect employee morale and attitude toward company • Positively effect on hiring new employees. • Make your facility more comfortable for your stakeholders. • Contribute to reduction of global warming and mitigating climate change. • Prepare your company for future changes in the marketplace and customer needs, expectations and attitudes.