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Member since: 2018

Christina is COO of Appos Advisors, a go-to-market consulting firm that helps technology companies resonate with their customers in unique and powerful ways. Christina is also the Advisory Board Chairperson for Utility 2030 Collaborative leading the CX Incubator group to create a playbook of CX frameworks and best practices for the utility of the future. She sits on the Advisory Board member of Energy Marketing Conferences

Her passion is helping energy technology companies, utilities, and retail energy suppliers survive and thrive against the backdrop of major market disruption

She is also the co- v-jay on the Energy State of Mind video podcast. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Cohesive Go-to-marketing plans to connect the product, marketing, sales, and sales enablement
  • Strategic & Operations Planning
  • Business Development
  • Building Strategic Alliances