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We provide busy utility / energy executives relief from their hiring-related frustrations. When you've made the right hire, you know how good it feels and the impact it can have on your organization. Now imagine enjoying that success, every time, guaranteed. How much stress would that alleviate in your life? What can your organization look like a year from now? Five years from now? Having the right team is the single biggest factor in your success. That’s the power of talent. You have a lot on your shoulders as it is, let us help you get the hiring piece right. We are’s what we do. It’s simple, we work with leaders who often don’t have the resources (or network or tools or time) to devote to an effective hiring process. And getting it wrong is costing time, money, energy, market share, their sanity and ultimately the success of the organization/team. With years of success in building high-performing teams and executing transformational projects and programs (in the billions of dollars), combined with a background in engineering and technology, I am uniquely qualified when it comes to helping clients with their hiring needs. I walked in utility hiring manager shoes for 25 years so I know the challenges and pressures that come with growing a team while fighting operational fires! It’s tough but if you get it right you’ll look like a genius leader. That is truly the power of talent. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s strategic growth objectives. >>> Discover The Power of Talent by contacting me at <<<