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Chris Law

CEO, Future Grid

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Hi there - my name Chris Law I am the CEO and co-founder of Future Grid.  At Future Grid to help the global utility market decarbonize.  

We do this by creating the necessary visibility for utilities so that more renewables can be integrated while minimizing future network investment.

Because the unintended consequence of decarbonising our lives puts unexpected pressures back on to the existing grid.

Rooftop solar and electric vehicles create new headaches for the grid.  

These headaches include: 

  1. High Voltage due to large dynamic shifts in network load (which means appliances like fridge have shortened lifespans)

  2. Exceeding both capacity and thermal limits of the network assets

  3. And finally balancing these new loads across transformers and phases to get more customers connected, more quickly while maintaining reliability.

You cant manage what you cannot see.

Proven in Australia our global footprint is expanding.  Thailand, Japan and Singapore are all areas of immediate growth While in the United States we are setting up a new team with the support of the Austrailan Governement as they too understand the opportunity to help US markets decarcbonise through Electrifciation 

that needs better, faster and deeper grid visibility.

Please follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for some really existing global announcements in the coming months.

Stay safe, and all the best from team Futrue Grid.