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ClampStar® is an engineered electrical/mechanical shunt that, along with proactive maintenance practices improves safety and prevents unplanned outages. ClampStar is the industry’s only PERMANENT life extension solution for virtually all overhead conductors. Increasing power flows on some of the oldest lower-voltage circuits, especially during emergencies has put significant pressure on a power grid that was built mainly to serve local markets. ClampStar is necessary to help bring the power grid up to a level of acceptable physical soundness and reliability. With ClampStar, splices, deadends and suspension clamps are repaired with NO power interruption; connector replacement is no longer necessary. It easily installs over the existing connector. ClampStar® is a Connector Corrector that is intended to correct and reinforce the deteriorated electrical and mechanical performance of hot-running, aged or degraded splices and other connectors, clamps and fittings on overhead transmission and distribution conductors or, to increase the performance rating of existing splices and other connectors, clamps and fittings for the purpose of increasing line ampacity that may be presently limited by such devices.