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Chris Baker

Project Executive, Willdan

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Member since: 2018

I work in three areas of building energy efficiency.

New Construction:
There are thousands of products claiming to save huge amounts of energy in buildings. We've automated energy modeling to provide an interactive tool to evaluate project specific savings for different technologies and combinations. This allows owners to invest with confidence. We often provide these services as part of utility Demand Side Management programs to reduce the growth in electricity demand to meet environmental regulations.

Benchmarking Existing Buildings:
For clients with diverse portfolios it is important to know which buildings are performing well, and which ones needs improvement. We provide benchmarking services that estimate potential savings from retrofits and retrocomissioing. This allows owners to focus building upgrades where they will save the most energy, and money.

Software Tools:
We provide analysis tools so program implementers, manufacturers and utilities can quickly quantify the savings for different scenarios.