Member since: 2023

After being a strategic account manager and business advisor for over two decades, I have moved to a Customer Success Manager role and assisted with the transition of the comapany to become an Outcomes-focussed Professional Services business. Now, partnering with a sub-set of key customers and aligning with their goals and objectives, gives me the time to explore how I can best support customers in developing and implementing class-leading Digital Engineering Project Delivery and Operations technology.

Using solution methodologies and tools such as the LUMA framework, ADKAR change management and Mural, valuable insights are gained into the mechanics of a business and enable the capture of customers’ business constraints and objectives. Clear, practical technology adoption plans are then built to orchestrate business-transformative change.

I am responsible for coordinating the extensive technical and project management resources at Cadline to ensure full customer engagement of the technology. Tangible improvements are monitored against a defined set of performance parameters developed with key stakeholders in the business.

The effectiveness of the new technologies and /or workflows throughout various levels of the organisation is therefore fully assessed to ensure maximum return on investment.