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Telecom & electronic engineer skilled in cellular platforms, experienced solutions architect, product creator, speaker, leader; with 25+ experience working in the Information Technology and services industry, Experienced a history of 15+ in advanced metering technology (AMI) for electric utilities and bringing innovation to energy sales initiatives. Designer of the broadband AMI solution that EASYMETERING offers to the electric utility global market with an innovative business model “AMI as a Service”, with this EASYMETERING becomes the first company in the world to offer this concept to Electric Utilities from anywhere of the planet in order to accelerate the smart meter adoption, taking advantage of the ready and available infrastructure of more than 400 mobile network operators around the world to reduce the investment costs, and of course, using LTE as telecom standard for AMI deployments, and let smart meters ready for easy migration to the future Private LTE initiatives.

Innovative mind, passion, artistic talent, curiosity about economic systems, and a freedom believer are some of the characteristics of his personality and lifestyle that make part of his professional skills.