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I am an experienced engineer and manager with extensive experience in wireless telecommunications systems. I’ve provided critical infrastructure networks for major utilities and first responders, providing the most reliable iDEN and LTE networks available. My experience encompasses all aspects of Business and technology strategy consulting, project engineering and management, including scope specification, design, contract administration, and operational acceptance.

In my current role at Burns & McDonnell, I work with utilities build business strategy, financial models, as well as network design and deployment of private LTE networks, bringing more reliability, security and cost reduction to the end users.

With my experience, I help utilities understand the process, how to structure staff and the business/operations side of LTE. I’m passionate about helping to make the right decisions as they prepare for a rapidly changing communications needs for the power grid of the future.

Specialties include LTE Core engineering management, IMS Core engineering management, Switch Room construction, MC-PTT implementation, cost-reduction strategies, LTE Core Network design, vendor management, RF engineering, iDEN system engineering, Ethernet backhaul, site construction & installation, and transport system design.

Throughout my career, I’ve designed data centers, emergency power systems, and Geo-Redundant LTE EPC and IMS Cores for critical utility grid monitoring and control. These systems provide VoLTE and Mission Critical Push To Talk (MC-PTT) for critical communications for enterprise and first responders throughout the Southeast. Designed backhaul using MPLS over DWDM with microwave and satellite solutions. Designed our NOC with second and third level support teams to attain high reliability across the network with 1000+ EnB’s, and a backhaul network of 2000+ Microwave paths and fiber networks with MPLS to the edge.

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