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Brent Jensen has worked in a variety of industries, starting with computer and software design at IBM. Starting in hardware and computer chip design, Brent moved into software development and sales for IBM’s product suite called ITSM (IT Service Management). This involved Network, System, Application, End User, Transaction, and other types of system and end user monitoring to help IT shops manage complex system and application environments. After IBM, Brent joined an Energy Storage company involved in large flow batteries (1MW to 100 MW’s) with a 20 year life span, to help utilities smooth renewable energy generated from Solar and Wind farms. Working with Texas Utilities, Brent helped show how energy storage paired with renewables can be a very cost effective alternative to other energy generation sources. Recently joining Bentley Systems, Brent is a Sales Enablement Director working with Siemens and Bentley on integrated Transmission and Distribution planning and Design products for Utilities. Brent is working with sales teams from both companies, to help show Utilities the value of digitizing their complex power systems to greatly reduce the work (and automate) DER (Distributed Energy Resource) studies (adding solar and wind to existing power distribution systems).