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My name is Bob Nikon. I am an inventor residing in Long Island, New York. In all my younger years I have been creating and inventing some things for myself. Now my interests have shifted into something more powerful by inventing something for others. Because of this invention that I have discovered and worked on in these passed 10 years, I named it "Hydro-Electrenergy". It is the system being able to generate electricity around the clock unconditionally. So we don't have to incinerate anything for energies. This system is also a tool to remove the roadblock for mass hydrogen production.
     As little as I knew at the start that I could open a threshold to a fair and blissful life for all humans. The new perspective of manipulating power of Mother Nature and her elements in our surroundings to improvise energies we need. This new perspective also allows us to decentralize our energy structure and recycle water for all our energy needs. These are the most important factors to stabilize our lives going into the future. In which we don't have stability on fossil codependency.
     There is something very well beyond a fair and blissful life that this perspective brings to humans. It offers a motive for a good reason. Our Mother Nature has her own power(Gravity) and the buoyancy that her element(water) can create. These two powers have become the impetuses to drive the apparatus in this case. These two powers are deadly accurate. They haven't changed forever. So they are very valuable for our new path. Most of all, they are provided for free to everyone by our Mother Nature. This motive will attract humans to stay on this path and stay away from the fossil fuels. That is when something will happen as a result which is to save our planet from being destroyed. So my mission is to divulge and proof of the viability that we can actually extricate ourselves out of fossil fuels completely for good. The endeavors to achieve this goal will be maneuvered by the public which is more powerful than anything on the planet.