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35+ years of helping Utilities drive customer-centric/ data-driven innovation and business transformation.Over my career, I've had the privilege of partnering with some of the best and most innovative leaders and their teams, to create new sources of value for their business, and scale that value across the enterprise.

Throughout that time, I worked closely with leaders from across the entire Utility value chain- from Customer Experience, CRM, Products & Program Design, Marketing, and Sales..., to Infrastructure Planning, DER Integration, Operations, Finance, Risk Management, and Workforce Optimization .

My approach to digital innovation, and business transformation is built around two key principles:
1. Customer First
2. Value Driven

Built upon these principles, I deliver Utilities a structured and holistic approach for designing and managing their end-to-end digital transformation journey, helping client's quickly:
- Understand customers' and their direct linkage to business/ value drivers
- Create a culture and "space" for innovation to occur and thrive
- Build and nurture robust pipelines of business and customer innovation
- Operationalize, integrate and scale innovations
- Measure, monetize and realize value across the transformation portfolio