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Mr. Ashworth is a chemical engineer and has presented over 50 technical papers on fuels and fuel related subjects. Relating to the subject of global warming, he has written two papers, "CFC Destruction of Ozone - Major Cause of Recent Global Warming" and "No Evidence to Support Carbon Dioxide Causing Global Warming".

He is a member of the American Geophysical Union. He is a Past Advisor to the University of Pittsburgh International Conference on Coal Conversion. He was Session Chairman, Coal Gasification, Liquefaction and Conversion to Electricity, Fifth International Conference, University of Pittsburgh, August 1978. He gave a guest presentation, "Production of Methanol via Wood Gasification, to Companhia Energética de Sao Paulo (CESP), and the Technical Institute of Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 1978. He was Session Chairman, Industrial Wood Utilization Workshop, "Wood Gasification", Mitre Corporation/U.S. DOE, April 1979. He also gave a guest presentation to the National Coal Board on coal gasification for combined cycle power generation, Leatherhead, England, April 1979.

He holds 16 U. S. patents, several of which have been filed and allowed in other countries. ClearStack is working to commercialize two of the patents, a three-stage oxidation technique that reduces sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury and a dry scrubber that removes nitrogen and sulfur oxides from flue gas. In 2001, Governor Paul Patton commissioned him a Kentucky Colonel for his work on clean coal technology.

Within his avocations, he wrote a paper on the "Unit Relationship of Thought to Energy and Mass". It was published in the Rosicrucian Digest in January 1986. The paper provides scientists with a mathematical tie to God. A paper on the helical travel of light was published in Physics Essays in 1998. Proof is given that photons are simply very small particles of mass traveling in helical trajectories. The helical diameter of any radiant energy particle trajectory in free space is its wavelength divided by pi - the universal constant (dhelix = /?). The reason this works is that the circumference of the helix is identical to its wavelength. Based on this theory, all of the qualities of light can be explained in simple terms.

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