Member since: 2023

Profile An Innovation Lead with 12+ years in digital solution rollout, project management, and data analytics for power utilities. Skilled in evaluating solutions, liaising with partners, analysing costs and benefits, and developing technical solutions. Passionate on driving growth through innovation and digitalization, reporting to the Director of Smartgrid & Innovation. Notable initiatives include deploying IoT weather sensors, identifying unregistered EV chargers for energy-saving programs, and using computer vision for asset problem detection. Recent Key Achievement - Led cross-functional teams in developing and implementing a computer vision system that successfully detected asset faults, resulting in a 70% reduction in labor resources and an 80% increase in process efficiency. - Spearheaded research and evaluated over 200 technical breakthroughs, leading to the development of 30 cutting-edge technology project proposals. These proposals addressed and resolved daily operation challenges, prepared for future needs through benefits analysis, and resulted in the implementation and commercialization of 8 projects, reducing labor resources by 3%. - Created an auto-reminder email notice and a progress visualization dashboard to effectively convey timely information, reducing miscommunication and maintaining productivity within the work team while working remotely. - Demonstrated CLP's smart grid benefits to the public by creating promotional videos and materials for an exhibition center, resulting in considerable community support. This effort received positive feedback from 97% of visitors. - Coached over 10 project teams annually on implementing the Design Thinking approach, resulting in user-centric solutions that enhanced daily work processes and reduced labor resources by 1%. - Mentored and guided a team of junior engineers, facilitating their professional growth and development, leading to two team members obtaining promotions to senior positions.