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Ben is an Australian freelance writer who owns and operates Deluxe Copywriting, whose clients have included such names as WorkFusion and Comparitech. He has previously written for the US-based David Feldman Show, the Australian-based Forte Magazine, and a popular Australian web series called Mining Boom. His debut novel, Counting On Silence, is due for release soon. He also runs a blog of the same name. As well as his zest for the English language, he also has polished audio- and video-editing skills, editing several episodes of the aforementioned David Feldman Show, which additionally included the compilation and production of a full-length album. He has also previously produced videos for Bravehearts (a children's charity), the ACS Foundation, and music videos for various musicians. He is currently recording and co-producing the audio tracks for a number of industry-based training videos.

Did you enjoy the read? I also have a copywriting website called Deluxe Copywriting, where you can have me write for your site or company.