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Ben Ealey

Principal, Grid Integration, Smart Electric Power Alliance

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Member since: 2020

Ben is passionate about supporting the utility industry in realizing their grid modernization goals. He has 10+ years of experience performing research for the electric utility industry. His focus is working with the industry on grid modernization solutions to positively impact affordability, safety, security, reliability, resiliency and customer satisfaction.

Ben has strong expertise related to grid interoperability. This includes the development and implementation of communications, control, and monitoring requirements for enabling a cross-functional grid architecture capable of successfully integrating technologies such as smart solar, storage, and flexible loads. He has led and served on several industry committees related to grid interoperability and DERs. He is the author of over 50 industry technical publications.

He currently leads the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) pathway focused on Grid Integration. Prior to this he led EPRI's research team focused on technologies to embrace communicating solar, storage, and flexible loads for grid flexibility and resilience.