Member since: 2011

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Power & Control Systems), IEEE Senior Member, Professional Engineer (registered in Ontario, Canada).

Plus 24 years of professional experiences (including R&D and consulting) in:
- Power systems planning, operations and optimal control (for the power industry and utilities),
- Renewable energy (or various energy) systems design, control and minimum risk operation (via combining demand response and bulk energy storage systems with non-dispatchable power generators).
- Energy markets analysis including, energy market modeling and decision making using game theory.
- Energy demand, Energy Market Price/LMP, and DER (Solar PV and Wind) output forecasting in short-term.
- Bidding strategies in energy markets considering profit risk assessment and optimal management.
- Design and development of optimal Energy Conservation and Demand Response programs for power systems (with high penetration of DERs).
- Operations Research (including mathematical modeling, objective function formulation, uncertain parameter PDF/scenario tree definition, linear and non-linear optimization, sensitivity analysis. parameter estimation, system identification, market players'​ behavior learning/estimation) and its applications to energy systems, intelligent transportation systems and financial management systems.
- Big Data Management (including Data Acquisition, Processing, Statistical Analysis, Anonymization, Knowledge Extraction, Clustering, Prediction) for condition monitoring and optimal decision making with special applications to smart energy grids.
- Transactive Energy market design, analysis, predictive analytics and bidding strategy development.
- Integrated Distribution System Planning's math modeling, simulation, optimization, implementation, test and deployment.
- Hands on GAMS/Matlab/Excel/R/Python programming; Machine Learning; Game Theory & Microeconomics; Multi-Agent-Systems (MAS) design, monitoring, communication, control and optimization (for smart grids and smart transportation systems).