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While competition between renewable energy technologies lasts, some organizations realize that the immediate and most practical way to lower carbon emissions and drive the ecological revolution ahead is to simply use less energy.
Electricity optimization is not just about the bill, but a sophisticated approach towards competitiveness, equipment protection, and environmental impact.

We offer a full range of products for factories, production lines, hotels, street lightning, fast food restaurant chains and power distributors through our ECOD model line and according to individual needs.

ECOD’s patented technology’s working principle has the electronic controller regulating the direction of the current in the coil of each transformer (one per phase) regulating and balancing the network parameter to sustain the highest performance whilst minimizing power loss in the network.

ECOD, being an electric power saving device:

Controls the voltage to your loads and keeps current within the optimum range for best efficiency

Filters harmonics from reactive loads/motors, increasing efficiency and even more

Balances phase voltage

Improves the quality of the electrical power supply overall
With an average of around 9% energy consumption reduction, our smart optimizer ECOD devices provide unrivaled advantages such as:
Average of 9% electricity bill savings
Outdoor and indoor installation
Fast modular repair
Simplified installation
Completely self sufficient
Light weight and small dimensions
Remote monitoring option
Quick return on investment
Over voltage protection
Virtually unlimited lifespan